About the author

Guten tag, my name is Conor James Silk and I live in Sidcup South East London/Kent, I’ll be honest its on the borderline! British through and through which means I have an inherited love for all things Royal, London, pomp and ceremony based. I have also grown to love Coffee more than anything, in fact you can read about my infatuation with caffeine here.

I founded ‘ForeverEndeavour‘ in 2011 as ‘Relentless4Life’ but changed the name because I had a sudden hate of having a number in the name. The blog aims to provide news, resources, inspiration and photography for connected generations. Our largest audiences originate from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia & New Zealand – how exotic.

As a bit about me, I used work for an Association in London as a Digital Marketing Executive (comms guy). Working in such a landmark central location of London really gives me the opportunity to take some amazing photographs – many of which I have posted on this blog. If you would like a high resolution version of any of the photographs I have posted on this blog or even on my Instagram (check the footer widget on my posts) then simply fill in the form below stating which image you’d like. I also do a blog post every Sunday on the website Medium, so please visit and have a read.