‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2’ Absolutely Everything we Wanted

Star Wars Battlefront I was a beautiful game. But severely lacking in multiplayer content and no single player campaign story mode. Star Wars Battlefront II gives us absolutely everything we wanted…

Battlefront II’s campaign takes place during the 30-year period between the end of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. The story follows Iden Versio, commander of an elite Imperial special forces unit called Inferno Squad after the Battle of Endor. Players will also get the opportunity to play as well-known characters like Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren during the campaign.

According to EA, the campaign and its new characters have been developed “in close partnership with the story group at Lucasfilm.” On stage at Star Wars Celebration, Lucasfilm confirmed that Battlefront II’s story will be canon within the Star Wars universe. The campaign will give players a “brand new perspective.  By putting players in the boots of an elite member of the Imperial forces, we can show them what the battle was like from the other side” Motive game Director Mark Thompson said.

Battlefront II’s multiplayer will also span all three eras of the Star Wars saga and will have playable heroes and villains including Rey, Luke, Yoda, Darth Maul, and more. Modes will support up to 40 players, and maps announced so far include Yavin 4, Mos Eisley, and Starkiller Base.

Space battles will also return, EA says Battlefront II offers “high stakes dogfights” and with land and air vehicles, and players will be able to pilot ships including a First Order TIE Fighter, the Millennium Falcon, and more. Watch the full trailer for Battlefront II below: