Paris, after the grieving and soul searching, where do we go from here?

Of all the horrors to happen across the world in recent years, this felt all the more horrific. To have such a senseless massacre occur so close to home, not just geographically but also culturally, politically and spiritually. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to live in Paris right now, a city struck not once but twice this year by cowardly terrorism. A city seemingly under siege.

So where do we go from here? For Paris, the best thing to do is to pick up the ‘Blitz spirit’ — having the determination to face this situation — similar to that demonstrated after the Charlie Hebdo attack earlier this year. To send a message, that we, as a western society (and people) will not be cowed into fear. That these attacks will not weaken our resolve, but strengthen it.

It is also critical that we understand what we are really up against. It is Islamism, and in no way does it match with out 21st century democratic way of life. It is absurd to carry on insisting that this has NO religious link at all and it’s condescending in the extreme to behave as if any such acknowledgment will lead to some sort of Fourth Reich in Europe — it won’t. No one, of any religion or none, should be afraid to walk the streets of Europe.

One final point, I won’t deny the war in Iraq and ridding of Saddam Hussein in some way contributed to the creation, or at least laid the foundations of for ISIL. But this global terrorist network and its actions cannot be blamed on western foreign policy. Why does ISIL kill fellow Muslims in Syria and Iraq?Why does it throw homosexuals from buildings? Why does it kill aid workers helping fellow Muslims? Why is it enacting racial cleansing like that discovered in Sinjar? What foreign policy did any of the above do to merit senseless slaughter? None.

We need to eliminate this ISIL/ISIS/Daesh stain from the world and the obvious first step would be for Russia and the Western world to co-ordinate their efforts. For this global coalition to degrade and ultimately destroy this evil.

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2 thoughts on “Paris, after the grieving and soul searching, where do we go from here?

  1. Here’s my .02, for what that’s worth.

    I do not believe there is “an intelligence failure,” as others have argued. I believe you are utterly correct in that there is a lack of will on the part of the West to be willing to ignore the potential of nearly unrestricted immigration of Muslims into our societies. France is well-known as being the largest percentage of Muslims in their population in Europe, and what have they reaped for being so open and welcoming?

    Our CIA and FBI has been warning us about just such likely occurrences here, and we had best hold fast to our resolve that Western Civilization is worth saving. Otherwise, we are doomed before the battle begins, and there will be one.


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