World War One Centenary, Spectra Light in London means every man will be Remembered

To commemorate the World War One Centenary across the United kingdom (and Commonwealth) there have been various poignant events to remember the fallen. One hundred years ago on the 4th August 1914 Germany declared war on Russia, thereby putting into motion events that would ultimately devastate Europe – the United Kingdom commemorated this day with LIGHTS OUT; a nationwide black out. But as lights across the country were extinguished, a single column of white light soared through the London night sky, this project is called ‘Spectra’.

Spectra is a twenty-metre grid containing forty-nine searchlights placed in Victoria Tower Gardens by Ryoji Ikeda, what made it all the more impressive is that this had been a kept a secret many months before this event. It appeared in the sky at dusk on Monday 4th August and has been visible for seven nights only across the city from sunset to sunrise. Accompanying this stunning piece of art is a specially composed soundtrack by Ikeda which really does make it all the more poignant when you visit.

On Friday night I popped up to see Spectra for myself and I was not disappointed, it truly is a stunning piece of work and the music really does make it all the more touching a tribute to the fallen.